Gun Repair and Adjustment Services

Do you have a gun that needs to be repaired, or would you like to have your gun cleaned by an experienced professional? When you bring it to Clark Craft Gunsmithing LLC, I will personally make sure that your gun gets the TLC it needs before I hand it back over to you. I know just how important my clients’ guns are to them and appreciate when they trust me to fix, clean, or make adjustments to them. Clark Craft Gunsmithing LLC is a certified gunsmith dealer and shop in Springfield, MO that can take care of all of your gun needs, regardless of the type of gun you prefer to use or its current condition.

When you bring your gun into Clark Craft Gunsmithing LLC, a certified gunsmith dealer and shop in Springfield, MO, I will speak with you about what you would like to do to your gun. Whether you would like me to completely disassemble it, clean it, lubricate it, and then put it back together or take care of a trigger pull adjustment for you, I am sure that I can get the job done. I have been handling guns since I was young and know the ins and outs of how to care for them. I also completed a two-year study in professional gunsmithing and am certified by the American Gunsmithing Institute. Guns are a way of life for me, and I am confident that I can tackle any challenge you throw my way.

In addition to repairing and cleaning guns, I can also provide you with a number of other services. From painting and appraising guns, to taking care of FFL transfers, you can count on Clark Craft Gunsmithing LLC to be the one-stop certified gunsmith dealer and shop in Springfield, MO for you. My dad and grandad taught me all there is to know about guns, and I have continued to educate myself about them as I’ve been in business. This has helped me solidify myself as one of the top gunsmiths in the area.

Would you like to obtain one of my many gun services? Stop in to see me or reach out to me at 417-234-7093 today for more information on how I can be of assistance to you.