DuraCoat Firearm Finishes

Have an old gun whose has lost most of its bluing, has some rust and pits, scratches and scars? It functions fine but looks awful? You’d like to spruce it up by refinishing the metal but can’t find anyone who does old hot bluing? Or perhaps you have rifle or shotgun you love to hunt with and over time the brush, brambles and weather have taken their toll. You’d like to restore the finish with something that looks as good new but wears like iron so taking it into the field in the future won’t inflict the same damage. Or maybe you’d like a totally custom look, anywhere from traditional to fanciful and colorful.

DuraCoat firearm coatings are the modern solution to refinishing your gun’s metal surfaces (works on wood, plastics and polymers too!). Specifically developed for use on firearms DuraCoat comes in a variety of finishes, textures and an amazing array of colors. Once the metal surfaces are prepared by degreasing and sand blasting DuraCoat finishes are sprayed on for a smooth, even finish. Once cured it provides a great looking, long lasting, hard wearing protective coating.

Take a look at the DuraCoat Firearm Finishes website, here, to see the finishes, colors and patterns available. Some of you DIY types might decide exactly that; Do It Yourself And you can. However the learning curve is pretty steep, results improve with practice and the equipment needed for best application and adhesion is outside the scope of most home shops (air compressor, sand blaster, professional quality small aperture HVLP spray-gun, room air filtration, curing oven, etc.). I’m all set up, properly equipped and well practiced in order to give your gun a good looking finish that will keep looking good and protect you gun for years to come.