Firearm Appraisals

‘How much is my gun worth?” Whether you need to know for insurance purposes, estate valuation, price to sell or just curious it is not always an easy question to answer. It can take hours and hours to track down details, book values, recent sales of the same or similar firearm, determining the exact model and evaluating it’s condition. Especially if you don’t even know where to start.

That is where I can help. I am a Certified Firearms Appraiser. Having completed extensive study, preparation and testing to gain the knowledge of the myriad of factors that affect a gun’s value and how to find the exact information needed as well as the results of recent auctions and sales I can provide you with an accurate, current value of your firearms.

I carefully and thoroughly research each firearm, determining the exact model and variation (not always an easy task), evaluate it’s condition and compare it to other like guns currently offered for sale through various venues and most importantly find the price range that similar firearms have actually sold for. While often much harder to find than “book value” or “asking price” actual completed sale prices can be a more accurate indication of current value.

A comprehensive detailed written four page Firearm Appraisal form describing the firearm and it’s various attributes, condition and sources for comparison and a final Appraised Estimated Value, dated, hand signed and including my Certification number will be provided for your records.

Before you sell your gun for little, ask too much or under value it for insurance or an estate, let me help you answer that question, “How much is my gun worth?”

Peace of mind at an affordable price!