Everything You Need to Know About the Mosin-Nagant

The Mosin-NagantThe Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action rifle more than a century old. This Russian-made rifle is more than just your run in the mill rifle. The Russians decided to upgrade their rifles after 1877 during the Russo Ottoman War due to the Ottoman’s Winchester repeating rifles. This firearm has some deep history, and we want you to know all about it.

How it Begin and How it Was Used?

Rifles were submitted to the Russians who put out a request for a new modern built rifle. Sergei Mosin’s model was chosen, but then underwent refinement before it was adopted and designed.

This rifle underwent changes and model upgrades regularly. It was used in the Russo-Japanese War, but not as much due to the production rates and logistics. It adopted a spitzer round instead of a round nose projectile.

This original Mosin was starting to be used once World War One hit where the Russians had to maximize their production immediately. After this war, the Russian Civilian war started, which ensued an upgrade to the Mosin. The M91/30 was born, and it is largely considered the base model for the Mosin-nagant.

During World War Two, this Mosin-Nagant model became the Soviet Sniper rifle in 1932 because of its accuracy and consistency.

Modern Use of the Mosin-Nagant

In the United States, this rifle has become extremely popular because it’s a cheap, hard hitting rifle that tends to be fun to shoot because of the bolt-action ability. It’s a great pair with a .22 rifle for survival, range shooting, etc.

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