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Learning the Different Types of Ammunition

different types of firearm ammunition

If you’re a beginner with firearms, it’s extremely important to educate yourself on the different types of ammunition out there. Understanding the workings of a firearm, the ammunition, and cleaning will give you an edge, especially with practicing safety. Here are some of the different types of ammunition you should be aware of: .22LR –… Read more »

Looking to Sell Your Guns? Talk to a Gunsmith

selling your handgun with pricetag

If you have several firearms that you’re looking to sell, it may be a good time to talk to a gunsmith. The reason for this is you will get a good and fair price for your firearms. Selling any other way may be risky because you may get a lower price offer. If you don’t… Read more »

Here are the Best Firearms for Beginners

gun and bullets on target

It’s good to know which are the best handguns for beginner shooters. Starting with the basics and most comfortable and simple shooting handguns are the way to go if you’re first starting out. Springfield Armory XD Service 4” 45 ACP This comfortable grip firearm gives you the confidence and ability to shoot this handgun. It’s… Read more »

Practicing Shooting is Important

If you’re a new gun owner, it is very important that you get to know what you are handling. From cleaning, to loading, to shooting, you should ultimately have the knowledge of every working part of the firearm. Practicing your shot is also vital to owning a firearm. Here are some tips: Where to Shoot… Read more »

Gun Safety Tips Every Gun Owner Should Live By

firearm safety tips

It is extremely important to follow safety tips while owning a gun. Whether you’re out shooting on a range, land, or have it stored away, there are different safety tips you should be following. Here they are: Point the Gun in a Safe Direction When you are out shooting, you should always have the firearm… Read more »

What is an FFL Transfer?

FFL Transfer for firearms

An FFL Transfer is a firearm transfer between ownership. Depending on the state law, some states require all exchanges of firearms to go through an FFL.  It is extremely important to have knowledge of the rules if you’re considering of buying, loaning, selling, or gifting a firearm out of state and instate. What to Know… Read more »

It’s Time to Talk to a Gunsmith


Your firearms are very delicate. If you used them frequently, you’ll want to be taking care of them on a regular basis, whether that is cleaning or repairing. A gunsmith is your best bet for ensuring that your gun is properly maintained for it to be in good working condition. Gun Repairing Just like any… Read more »

Firearm Appraisals and Their Importance

firearm appraisals

You may have a collection of antique guns, or you may have some guns you still used but aren’t quite sure how much they are worth. A firearm appraisal will give you the knowledge of what you are shooting or storing in your home. Why is it important? An appraisal may not be something you… Read more »

Why it’s Important to Keep Your Gun Clean

cleaning gun is important

 As a gun owner, you’ll know that after years of wear and tear, your gun gets a little worn out. It’s always a good idea to clean your gun on a regular basis, so that it stays in good condition for years to come. Here are some reasons why you should keep it clean: Safety… Read more »

The Benefits of a DuraCoat Firearm Finish

cleaning your hand gun and putting DuraCoat finish on it

If you have an old gun that has some rust or scratches, you may want to think about applying DuraCoat to the finish. DuraCoat is a modern solution to finishing your gun’s metal surface, but it also works on wood, plastics, and polymers. The Benefits: Your old gun may have some wear and tear on… Read more »