Firearm Appraisals and Their Importance

You may have a collection of antique guns, or you may have some guns you still used but aren’t quite sure how much they are worth. A firearm appraisal will give you the knowledge of what you are shooting or storing in your home.

firearm appraisals

Why is it important?

An appraisal may not be something you care about because you don’t plan on selling your weapons, but if you have some antique guns, it is still pretty interesting to know the origin and how much they might be worth.

If you are looking to sell some of your antiques or guns you own, an appraisal can be beneficial to you, so you don’t get an offer that is way under the actual worth of the firearm. If you have the knowledge of the price and worth of the guns, you will be able to set a reasonable price for the collector or buyer.

Tackling this project on your own could take you quite some time tracking down details, book values, and recent sales.

There is good news though! At Clark Craft Gunsmithing, we can handle this project.

Clark Craft Gunsmithing

As a certified firearms appraiser, we can provide you with an accurate, current value of your firearms. You don’t have to be in the business of selling your firearms. You may just want to know what your materials are worth for your own sake. This is where we can come in to help you figure this out.

If you’re trying to sell some of your firearms, getting an appraisal from Clark Craft Gunsmithing will allow you to use this appraisal knowledge to not only ask for the right price and not under value it for insurance or an estate.

Here at Clark Craft Gunsmithing, we have the experience and expertise in repairing and cleaning your firearms. As a certified firearms appraiser, we will be able to determine the worth of your firearms, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of long research.

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