The Benefits of a DuraCoat Firearm Finish

If you have an old gun that has some rust or scratches, you may want to think about applying DuraCoat to the finish. DuraCoat is a modern solution to finishing your gun’s metal surface, but it also works on wood, plastics, and polymers.

cleaning your hand gun and putting DuraCoat finish on it

The Benefits:

Your old gun may have some wear and tear on it whether it’s from hunting with your rifle or shotgun, or a handgun that still works, but just has had some years on it. This is where DuraCoat comes in. DuraCoat comes in many finishes, textures, and colors.

The metal surfaces are degreased and sand blasted before the DuraCoat finish is sprayed on. It gives the gun a smooth finish and after it’s cured, it provides a protective coating that is long lasting.

You never want to see your gun in rough shape, especially if it’s in good working condition. You’ll never want to take it out. Getting a finish done on your gun will look much better, and you’ll be proud to show it off to friends and family.

With your hunting rifle or shotgun, every year comes wear and tear from being out in the weather. Getting a clean looking finish on your hunting weapon will give you the satisfaction of going out for the season again.

Clark Craft Gunsmithing

Here at Clark Craft Gunsmithing, we have the experience and expertise in repairing and cleaning guns. We can give your gun a good-looking finish using the DuraCoat finish. Doing it yourself can be very tricky if you haven’t had much practice. Plus, you’ll need equipment such as an air compressor, sand blaster, professional quality small aperture HVLP spray-gun, room air filtration, curing oven, etc. We are all set up and equipped with everything you need to see your gun’s finish improved.

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